Marianna Marcucci

Digital strategist

Hotel Universo

Revenue management, web site traffic growth, Social media and marketing strategy.
Sales strategy.

I was in charge of the management of the hotel both on a daily basis and as regards strategic decisions. My tasks involve a. overlooking the smooth functioning of the hotels on the one side, and b. planning and implementing marketing and commercial strategies on the other.

A. In this capacity, my task is to ensure the efficient operations of both Room Division and Food and Beverage sectors, together with the back office operations.
B. b. Some of my time is devoted to planning and implementing marketing and commercial strategies, including revenue management. In the last few years my focus has been on internet and new media and marketing tools, (such as Facebook, Google, Twitter etc.).
My responsabilities include Budget definition and implementation, definition of market, commercial and communications, supervision and control of their implementation, and international representation of the hotels through traditional channels (tour operators and agency) and on line agencies and GDS (Global Distribution System). Supervision of payments by the operators, B2B, and by guests, B2C.
I personally supervised the creation of the hotel website and design, the SEO – search engine optimization and a CRM for managing website contents. Creating and managing of a Google Analytics account to monitor website traffic growth and statistics.
Developed a social media marketing to drive direct sales and increase engagement with the hotel.
I manage hotel’s online reputation through the major online review sites

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