Marianna Marcucci

Digital strategist

Invasioni Digitali

An online crowdsourcing movement founded in Italy in 2013 with the aim of promoting the value of and engagement in local cultural heritage. The goal is to disseminate knowledge highlighting local beauty and history by using the power of internet and social media. Since 2013, nearly 40.000 people have participated in the Digital Invasions. Collaboration with Fox Entertainment for the launch in Italy of the DVDs “Monuments Men” and “A night at the Museum”.

As Co-founder, I contributed in creating the project and continue promoting “Invasioni Digitali” even presently with the aim of increasing participation and boosting its reputation. Tools include participation in major national and international conferences on the Culture industry. MuseumNext Geneve, We are Warsaw Museums, Museums & the Web Baltimore, Digital Cultural Heritage Marseille, TEDx speaker in Assisi “Curiosity Is an Attidude” ( ) to name a few

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